I am here to give you freedom from the obstacles which are consciously or unconsciously blocking and binding you.  I truly believe many limitations in our physical body, as well as in our reality, originates in our energetic make up. When there is clutter or stagnation, it shows up in your body, energy and emotions as pain, illness or trauma.

I am your “energy detective”, giving you clarity about why you feel stuck and confused, connecting the dots for you between those blocks and HOW you can move forward bringing you the life you desire, more easiness in your business, healthier situations, better opportunities, more loving people

You are physically and mentally exhausted, emotionally drained, and may be experiencing repetitive or acute debilitating physical symptoms. You desire to get rid of them, and are tired to bounce from one specialist to another.

Or you always had to conform to other people’s expectations or you were conditioned to fit in a box. So you learned to shut yourself off and this left you feeling isolated and confused. But deep down you are tired to please others, you know you are not expressing yourself fully and would love to be free to follow your internal compass, but you don’t know who to ask for advices.

You would like to be more in touch with your own wisdom and intuition, but you don’t know how to do it. Or you just want to find more meaning and your purpose in life, what you are really called to do in the world.

Then imagine how would you feel empowered, how would your life change, knowing what is paralyzing you, and be able to safely work through the root cause and eliminate your struggles without effort.

It is time to step out of your fears, conditionings that are keeping you small or imprisoned in a life that is not meant for you. Deep inside you know you are much more, and you are correct. You are already magnificent, but need to fully embody who you really are. It is just a matter of re-discover the finest version of you that lies dormant under the ashes.

I can provide you a different perspective to heal the beliefs that are limiting you, your negative thinking mode, inner critic, filters yourself or others forced on you, and those pesky patterns that somehow keep repeating in your life. I can support you to discover a deeper dimension of life.

Working with me you can expect to peaking beyond your rational and conditioned mind, to uncover the obstacles that are precluding you to hear the call of your Soul, ease your physical symptoms, pain, illness, stress, tension, emotional discomfort and energetic imbalances.

Feel finally unstuck, ready and craving to take ACTIONS aligned with your new discovered insights, heightened intuition for your business, relationships etc, so that your next move flows TO you organically, naturally, without efforts or waste of time.

All you need is my guidance as the CATALYST for your own transformation, and YOUR COMMITMENT TO ACT as you are ultimately in charge of healing your life!

What I can do for you

As the path for wellbeing is in essence a lifelong journey, we are all travelers approaching the voyage in different ways. Each one of us has different needs and means, and different ways to connect and commit to their own journey. Find out how can we best work together.

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