I am here to give you freedom from the obstacles which are consciously or unconsciously blocking and binding you.  I truly believe many limitations in our physical body, as well as in our reality, originates in our energetic make up. When there is clutter or stagnation, it shows up in your body, energy and emotions as pain, illness or trauma.

All you need is my guidance as the CATALYST for your own transformation, and YOUR COMMITMENT TO ACT as you are ultimately in charge of healing your life!

The Weekender- All my individual Offerings

As I draw from different holistic disciplines which I blend for you in a unique way, you can expect my sessions to be deeply healing and delve profoundly at the core of your pain, to finally eradicate it.

Do you feel more of a “weekender”, having a specific need in the moment, or preferring to have the freedom to try a new session?

Then book single services

The Curious Explorer- Packages of Offerings

Are you a curious explorer, ready to collect more discoveries?

Same services can be bought in Packages and sessions are curated uniquely to your needs to maximize results. Choose between Packages for Mind-Body Renewal or Energetic and Emotional Transmutation.

The Committed Traveler- Experiences and Programs

Although single sessions can be eye opening or give you clarity, the best results are achieved with commitment and dedication to yourself.

The results you can experience will reflect your level of responsibility and desire for positive changes and transformation, as you are in charge of it.

If you are an Explorer devoted to frequent discoveries, then Experiences and Programs are for you!

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