Energetic and Emotional Transmutation

“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.” -Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Most of us react to challenging situations and unpleasant experiences in our lives with frustration, shame, anger, or fear. By shutting down and blocking the expression of our emotions we stop our natural energy flow. As a result, our body’s systems will experience discomfort, lack of energy, trauma or an emotional imbalance. Energetic healing takes a holistic approach that looks beyond the physical and works with the subtle energy systems. Physiological orderliness, psychological equilibrium, emotional stability and spiritual connection can happen when we re-balance this flow of energy. 

As an intuitive and empath, I can sense others’ energy. My goal is to guide you gently to transform and reorganize your natural flow of energy, and associated negative emotions, and give you the tools, homework or suggestions to continue getting better on your own. One of my strength is drawing from a variety of energetic healing modalities and combining them intuitively to suit every person’s particular situation, in respect of their uniqueness and struggles.

What an in person or a remote Energy Work can do for you

  • Reduces fatigue, anxiety and tension, promoting calm and relaxation
  • Increase productivity, mental acuity and clarity
  • Calm your nervous system
  • Reduce fear and emotional imbalances
  • Alleviate symptoms of common illnesses and chronic issues
  • Speed up the recovery after an injury or surgery
  • Reduce pain
  • Increase happiness and improve mood
  • Help to accelerate self-healing

Energy healing modalities I use– Through an initial consultation I will perform an Emotional & Energetic Analysis to assess your needs and goals. I will then use different energetic modalities, including Energy medicine techniques, Reiki, and multidimensional frequencies in the form of very high-vibrational energy.

How can a Distance Healing session work? Energy has no boundaries of time and space, thus remote healing is the perfect option when travel is not possible. Sessions are conducted from the comfort of your own space and can be as effective as in person sessions even though I am not physically present with you. 

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In person or Remote Integrated Energy Work (50 min)

We will focus on one intention for each session. I will clear your energy field to make room for positive shifts and you will receive Reiki and additional high vibration healing frequencies to re-balance your energy flow. The beneficial effect will continue for a few days after our work. First session is close to 60 min. $120

Remote E-motional Intuitive Reading and Healing (60 min)

By an intuitive reading I will get information and insights from spirit guides and your energy field to get clarity about your energetic, emotional and physical disturbances.
I will find for you the “aha” moment and the significance behind your frustrations, illness or issues, and will guide you to change them through the healing portion of the session.
To conclude the session I will give you an “energetic prescription”, exercises to continue the healing process on your own. $150

In person Energy Medicine (60 min)

Energy Medicine utilizes techniques, exercises and concepts from ancient traditions such as meridian acupressure, kinesiology, craniosacral therapy, energy psychology, etc.
The system I use has been developed by Donna Eden (EEM).
We will go over your personalized needs, clear and bring unbalanced energies back to a state of harmony re-establishing its flow, and integrate the new energetic shifts. I will give you “homework”, simple exercises to help you build and maintain new energetic paths in your systems, and of course to empower you on your own journey to healing.
A session can increase your vitality, strengthen your mental clarity, and optimize your health reducing fatigue, pain, anxiety, stress, and inducing relaxation, productivity, happiness and boosting of the immune system. $120

Package of 3x In person or Remote Integrated Energy Work or Eden Energy Medicine $330

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