Experiences, Group Programs and Intuitive Wellness Guidance

As we are all different, a general coaching approach will not work to achieve your goals.

Also, we often need motivation to overcome setbacks, and you will receive continuous support from me on YOUR unique journey. I will keep you accountable, as I WANT you to SUCCEED to embrace a more harmonious life.

My corporate and academic education and experience in traditional medicine, combined with

Rigorous study, further training, education and practice of various holistic modalities

make me a qualified Advisor to help you find fulfillment and purpose through a practical and effective roadmap. I can give you much more value for your investment when you work with me.

I am passionate about helping busy people to build their path to wellbeing, prioritize self-care, ease anxiety, prevent burnout and address chronic stress.

If you:

  • Need to learn how to take physical or mental pauses from your busy life
  • Need more balance in life
  • Feel stuck in some areas of your life or are constantly anxious or overwhelmed and are craving for more self-care
  • Want to build more resiliency , and improve as well your relationships and work productivity
  • Regain a positive attitude towards life

Imagine understanding what is binding you, and being able to get “unstuck”. Once you clear the energetic clutter around you, better opportunities enter in your field and in your life. 

A.W.E.- Remove one obstacle at a time- 1:1, 3-part experience (remote and/or in person)

In this exclusive and personalized “mini-journey” you will get:
A= Awareness…. About one MAIN energetic or emotional obstacle that you need to notice and work throughout at the present moment
W= Wonder…. Get clarity on the root cause of the issue and clear it with my guidance
E= Energetic empowerment….Clearing up your body and biofield, we will make room for new positive changes, catapulting you to take action. Abundance and joy will follow!

The 3 sessions are designed to be conducted in a specific order to get the best possible results in your emotional, physical and energetic bodies.
You will get as well easy “homework” to do between sessions to actively participate in your transformation and integrate positive changes. $350

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Enlightened Chat & Support

If you feel a spiritual pull towards life but are not sure how to move forward, let’s chat.

• “I would like to know more about how to change my life, but where do I start from?”
• “There are many spiritual services out there, how do I decide what I may need to pick?
• “Which type of reading is better for my needs?”
• “I would like to follow my intuition more, but how do I do it?”
• “What are Spirit Guides?”
• “How do I open up more my spiritual gifts?”

These are just some of the questions I have been asked and guided people through. You will walk away with a clearer understanding about your questions, and with suggestions and tips about how to move forward.

You get 3x30min enlightened chat and 1×30 min healing session to help you move forward, all via Zoom$180- fill out the contact form to arrange

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Space Energy Clearings

A beautifully clear home can help us to thrive supporting our happiness, health and prosperity. However, when unwanted energies are present, they affect your emotional health, your physical health, your relationships, and even your children and pets in many ways. Many people may not know that the usual, recommended ways of clearing negative energies from their homes (burning sage or palo santo, using crystals, sound or salt) are not as effective or long lasting as they had hoped.

Working remotely on your property, I will identify and provide a report to you about which energetic problems are affecting your home/ spaces/land/buildings (for example earthbound spirits, emotional residues, portalways in other planes, and more), and clear them so that your home feels lighter, clearer and more harmonious. Finally, this work will realign the energies of your space and keep these unwanted influences out of it in the future. Fill out the contact form to arrange-$200

1-1 Intuitive Wellness Guidance

Blending different healing methods and tools, I will develop a structured plan uniquely tailored to YOUR specific goals and needs. How long we can work together really depends by your history, the results you want to achieve, your priorities, how determined you are to transform positively your life, and how much work do you want to put in.

We all know that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, and new healthy habits need time to form. We will agree on the length of time we will work together, usual range is between 2 and 6 months.

What is included in your personalized plan:

  • An Introductory call and an Intake Questionnaire, to focus of your main areas of development;
  • 60 min weekly virtual (via Zoom) or in-person (for energy medicine work, as applicable) sessions for the length of time we agree to work together;
  • Email support for the duration of our work;
  • Homework and simple exercise in-between sessions to empower you to reach your goals and reinforce shifts;
  • Suggestions for additional resources if requested;
  • Re-assessment of your situation and goals at the end of our work together;
  • Priority over other clients to continue your journey with me

Schedule a free 30 min consultation to get a quote

Group Programs

Launched at different times during the year, check back!

By booking a service you agree to terms of service and disclaimers.

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