Are beginners welcome? Of course! You are welcome to join my classes either if you are an absolute beginner or you have taken Yoga classes before and have an established yoga practice. Each one of us is different, so in any case I will provide you with a supportive environment that encourages to follow the class at your own pace.

Do I need to be flexible or able to bend like a Pretzel? Absolutely not! This is a common misconception supported by the current media image market and social media. On the contrary, Yoga will help you to cultivate more flexibility if you are looking to develop it. And it may be normal to find some of the poses challenging at first, but I will offer you modifications to allow your body do develop more flexibility gently and progressively.

Is yoga suitable for everyone? People of all ages and levels of fitness are welcome. However, if you are pregnant, injured or have some kind of physical restriction or health condition that affects your ability to exercise, please discuss this with me before your first session.


Which energy healing modalities do you use? What results I can expect? Energy medicine utilizes techniques, exercises, postures and/or concepts from ancient and diverse traditions, meridian acupressure, energy psychology, craniosacral therapy, kinesiology to bring disturbed energies back to a state of balance and harmony and re-establish the flow of our energy systems.

I can also be a conduit for Reiki and multidimensional frequencies which transmit to Earth in the form of light, sound, and pulsations from the cosmos. It is a very high-vibrational energy that raises your vibrational frequency, so at times it may not be physically felt as Reiki. This means the healing session is different (and often more powerful). It acts shifting imbalances and removing unconscious energetic and emotional patterns that usually hold us back. Once these old programming are removed, then healing often takes place, even with chronic issues.

What does a session look like? Before we begin any work, I take great care to establish what your expectations and requirements are, so that we’re both clear about how to proceed. A typical in-person session involves light touch as well the movement of my hands within your body’s energy field (no touch). Remote ones are conducted through Zoom. I recommend for you to be in a relaxing and quiet space to lye down during the session.

What will I feel? We choose a suitable time and date for your session, when you are able to fully relax, laying down undisturbed for its duration. You may experience no sensations, very little or the flow of energies with feelings of warmth, coolness, tingling, emotions, past memories, and relaxation. The level of sensation and experience will depend upon your sensitivity to energy. Your experience will be individual. It is important to look at the result of the session, rather than the sensations during it. Following a session it is common to feel heavy and tired, so give your body an opportunity to rest, relax and integrate the energetic changes. Others may have the opposite experience, feeling uplifted and energized.  Usually all report increased relaxation and a sense of calm. Each one of us is unique and the outcome will be different each time, depending on what is released, shifted and balanced. Drink plenty of water and do not give or receive any other healing modality for at least 24 hours after a session, to allow the energy to continue to flow and heal.


Which is the difference between single services and the Counseling offer? My services are more geared towards working on one or a few particular issues you would like some relief from or insights upon. You can choose to book whenever you feel it is appropriate for you, when you feel the need for a particular session. The Intuitive Wellness Counseling is an individual Program designed specifically for clients committed to work with me over a period of time (8, 12, or more weeks). We can decide for how long we want to work together, on the basis of your needs, goals, and available time, and we can always re-assess along the way. No cookie-cutter plans. Why work with me over a period? Is a session not sufficient? It really all depends by the results you want to achieve, how determined you are to transform positively your life, and how much work do you want to put in. We all know that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, and new habits need time to form. So this type of on-going work will be designed for YOU TO SUCCEED. Also, we often need motivation to overcome setbacks, and you will receive continuous support from me, including accountability check-ins during the whole individual Program. But there are no strings attached, and if you feel you are not benefitting, you can drop at anytime, or decide to continue with single sessions.

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