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Since I was a child I felt as if the intuitive perceptions I had about people or situations were not relevant as they could not be explained by the rules of the rational world we live in.

I was not able to recognize that I was afraid about other’s judgement and I could not follow the nudges of my intuition, so I let the logical part of my brain to lead my life. As I was led from my desire to help people, the call I had since coming into this world, I trained in traditional Western medicine. But working in high pace, demanding environments became an inescapable reality for me.

Another less obvious reason to live a more “conventional” life was to fit in, to be like many other individuals who are convinced that their reality happens to them, rather than having the power to change the course of their lives.

So no wonder I often had the uncomfortable impression I was wearing a mask. A shield able to isolate me from others, while pain and sadness were slowly consuming me deeply inside. And I could not understand what was wrong with me.

And I often wondered if there was more to life than my career. But how could it be possible? I had a good life, yet something was missing. I blamed myself for not being able to feel content, thinking I was the type of person who is never satisfied with what she has. And I felt guilty for not being able to fit in.

I was pushing through life, and often I would feel like swimming against the current. I could not understand why I kept attracting negative experiences, being constantly a magnet for disappointing people.

I felt for years as my opinion and my words did not matter, I was not able to being seen or heard by others. To the point a debilitating illness showed up, as a warning I was not speaking my own truth, I was not showing up in the world with my most authentic voice.

Then over the course of several years I naturally started a gradual process of personal search, which led me to unravel my inner spiritual calling. I was brought in resonance with the invisible realm of energies, and finally experienced first-hand that we are surrounded by much more than what meet the eyes.

The new course of my life allowed me to cultivate and use my beautiful intuitive gifts I had once left behind, to understand I didn’t have to identify myself with my profession, heal my emotional turmoil, to liberate myself from echoes of past traumatic experiences, to find peace, happiness and fulfillment within myself. To remove the obstacles I once had on my path, in such a way that life and better opportunities could easily flow TO me.

My personal experience and extensive trainings offered me the opportunity to study and apply both the traditional medicine and science, and the complementary one. I believe Western medicine, which helps the healing from outside-in, can be successfully combined with the alternative, complementary and holistic medicine, which encourages healing from inside-out.  This makes me passionate about bridging the gaps between science, spirituality and art, and promoting a holistic approach to wellness (meaning considering all areas of your life), as to me this approach can give you the most profound and amazing results.

Traditional/Allopathic Medicine credentials: PharmD, PhD in Pharmacology and Experimental Oncology; Immuno-Oncology certified at Harvard Medical School; former Research Scientist in Medicine at Harvard, MGH and MIT

Complementary/Holistic Medicine credentials: 200h Yoga Teacher, Restorative, Trauma-Inclusive and Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy certified; Usui Reiki Master; Blue-E Advanced Practitioner; Eden Energy Medicine practitioner; Medical Intuitive certified; trained in different approaches for mind-body health and stress reduction, intuition and psychic development.

I am grateful for the many opportunities I had to unravel and transmute my own negative emotions and programming, dismantle outdated beliefs about myself and the world, and deeply commit to my own healing and personal growth. And the best part of my journey has been discovering how to illuminate others’ path and teach them how to heal themselves in the same way I did for myself. I am thrilled I can bring my experience in service to you. 

I can guide you to recognize, accept and have the courage to step out of the box in which you had to fit in.

To transform the misconceived believes engrained in you for generations.

To restore your physical health, deteriorated because of emotional or energetic imbalances.

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